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Our pricing policy is quite simple. The more people you need to transport and the longer you need the vehicle, the more you're apt to pay. Whether you're driving all around Ohio or you're staying put in Columbus, you will pay the same amount of money. We have an unlimited mileage guarantee barring your pickup and drop off location is in the same location. So if you get picked up in Columbus and dropped off in Columbus you can feel comfortable in knowing that you can drive for as far as you'd like.

Throughout the years of providing service, we've learned how to price our limousines in such a way that allow just about anybody to be able to afford them. The reason we do so is because we want our employees to be able to afford our services as well as anybody else living and working in the greater Columbus area. This allows us to provide service to a wide customer base and keeps everybody happy and having a great time!

It is our policy to provide the best possible pricing we are able to for the day and time of your booking. Rather than issuing a one size fits all price at the highest rate possibly to get away with, we would rather give our clients accurate quotes for their unique reservation. When compared to many companies who charge an inflexible max rate all year, we operate on a system that allows us to lower our rates when operating costs allow.

Offering the best rates in town!

We do everything we can to keep your cost as low as possible.