Bounce Houses

There are so many choices when it comes to providing for a birthday party. But suffice it to say that you can never go wrong by renting a bounce house. If you are looking for excitement and fun and action all rolled into one, you have your best choice in a bounce house. Kids will never get tired of hopping in and out and bouncing everywhere. Believe us when we tell you, your house will be the hit of the block and even more , the neighborhood. Because you need the very best, you will need to put in some great research and track your suspect like a Scotland Yard Inspector. The Columbus area has numerous bounce house vendors for you to check into, you just need to take your time and find the best of the best. Here is a guide that will help you with the questions that you need to ask any vendor that you are considering. Heed these words well, they could be a lifesaver for your birthday party.

So, we realize that this is probably not a search that you make very often. So you are probably wondering where in the world can you find providers of bounce houses. You can start looking on the world wide web. We suggest that you do a Google search for “Bounce Houses in the Columbus area.” Check out some of the vendor's that pop up and if you like any of them a lot, write down their name. Also, don't neglect your family, friends and coworkers. Ask everyone that you know if they have ever rented a bounce house or experienced one that they could recommend. Take your list that you have been forming and contact each one to see when you can meet to talk about your birthday party needs.

When you are sitting across from a company representative, ask if the company is licensed. There are companies that never register the proper paperwork in order to legally rent a bounce house. Don't even risk this kind of behavior. Is the company insured? Accidents happen and you need to make sure that the provider has insurance. Sadly, many do not. What about the quality of their inflatables. Some companies use the same inflatable for years. It eventually looks old, used, and dirty. Ask each vendor how they maintain their bounce houses. Ask them to show it to you. How do they go about cleaning the units after every use? What does the vinyl look like?. Does the company have more than one employee that knows how to setup the bounce houses. The reason this is important is in case something happens to the person who is supposed to setup the bounce house on the day of the party.

Do the employees have a good personality? Does customer service come first? Do they have bounce houses with different styles? For instance, do they have one that allows people to slide? This doubles the fun. How much would it cost to rent the bounce house you like? Once you find a reputable, quality, customer service related company that you feel comfortable with and whose price is within your budget range, it is time to ask them to makeup a contract based on what each party needs. Go over it with a fine tooth comb and make sure all of the details are there. Again, you just can't go wrong with a bounce house, get ready for the kids to have a blast.